CAEH Monthly Inflow/Outflow Report

Canadian Alliance to End Homelessness

These reports are designed to help communities report on and analyze the monthly changes in their homeless population. There are three versions available: chronic, veteran, and all homeless. These reports display active, aged in, newly identified, returned from inactive, returned from housed, moved to inactive, and moved to housed, all for a single cluster for a specified month.


CAEH Monthly Inflow-Outflow Report Guide

CAEH Monthly Inflow-Outflow Sample Output


What version of HIFIS is required to run this report?
This report requires HIFIS version at a minimum to run.
Why are my numbers ridiculously bonkers in one month, but okay for the other months?
When you update your software from version or lower to version or higher, on the day of your update your software will run a process to determine which clients should be active and which should be inactive. The month that you updated your software in, therefore, is going to have a super high number of people who moved to inactive that month.
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